“Three times Mr. Warren has made the commitment to optimize in order to support his clinical recovery phase. What he has learned is critically important to anyone facing the challenge of spine surgery. The Optimized Patient is a straight­forward, super-informative and enjoyable book written to help you achieve your best possible surgical outcome.”

- Dr. Sanjay Khurana

“My friend Harvey Warren had extolled the virtues of his program to me for some time. It made sense, but I wasn’t ready to do anything until I found out I needed to have surgery to repair my nose (11 fractures, don’t ask). Harvey’s program helped me to change my nutritional intake and exercise routine in order to arrive at the best possible healing outcome. What Harvey had to say made sense and my feeling was that there was no downside to eating better and getting a little exercise. It turns out there was a significant upside.

The surgery was supposed to take 2 to 3 hours; it took six. My first follow-up with the surgeon was positive, and my thirty-day follow-up was even better. The surgeon explained that he had done all the necessary technical work, but that in his experience the results varied depending on the healing abilities of the patient. He thought my results were outstanding, much better than expected due to the complicated surgical procedure.

I continued to follow Harvey’s recommended program after the surgery. At a recent physical, my lab work was as good as it has ever been. The doctor asked me what I was doing differently, told me to keep it up.

All I can tell you is that since I started working with Harvey’s program, I have dropped weight, have more energy, and seem to be healing like a son of a gun. Oh, and I’m sleeping better, too. Can’t really ask for much more.”

- Adam Rodman


I want to live my life free of pain. Please show me how to optimize.