Learn more about the science of optimizing, as the team at The Optimized Patient becomes aware of important findings from distinguished researches:

Importance of Perioperative Nutrition, Part 1

“No patient should ever have elective surgery in this country or any other without having nutrition screening performed, and when needed, nutrition therapy initiated.”

In this 02:34 video, Dr. Wischmeyer discusses the risks malnourished patients face during and after surgery, and outlines the specific clinical outcomes healthcare professionals can change by providing proper nutrition for these patients.

Importance of Perioperative Nutrition, Part 2

“When we think about surgery, it is a stressor. It’s a metabolic load on a patient. And if an individual is not optimized nutritionally, they’re not going to be able to combat that stressor and they’re not going to be able to mount a vigorous recovery.”

In this 02:22 video, Dr. Starr discusses the importance of optimizing a patient’s nutrition to prepare them for surgery and help them recover, including asking what they can do to help improve their surgical outcomes.

Nutrition is a Team Sport

“It takes a village to prepare a patient to have the best outcomes from surgery.”

In this 1:46 video, Dr. Wischmeyer discusses the role each member of the multidisciplinary team—the surgeon, anesthesiologist, dietitian, nurse and patient—might play in ensuring proper nutrition before, during and after surgery.

How to Prepare for Surgery

“Improving protein intake in all of our diets improves lean body mass. And lean body mass, we truly believe now, is what prepares us and gives us the reserves we need to survive the insults that surgery brings.”

In this 01:06 video, Dr. Wischmeyer discusses the important role protein and vitamin D can plan in recovery from surgery.