How Best To Bounce Back From Back Surgery

Harvey Warren, author of “The Optimized Patient” discusses the best ways to help yourself recover from spinal surgeries.

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The Optimized Patient: Taking control of your healthcare

Back patient Harvey Warren along with back patient and NBA legend Bill Walton joined Morning Extra to talk about the importance of maintaining a healthy back.

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AM Northwest: The Optimized Patient

No one wants to have surgery, but it might be the one thing that can relieve your pain. Harvey Warren, author of the new book The Optimized Patient, joined us along two contributors to the book–former MMA fighter Nate Quarry and Doug Amend, an outdoor enthusiast injured in a 300-foot fall off Broken Top–all three men have had spine surgery.

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Dr. Sanjay Khurana and Harvey Warren discuss healing from spine surgery.

How to Prepare for, Survive, & Recover from Spine or Other Major Surgeries

Harvey Warren, author of The Optimized Patient. On June 24, 2010, Warren suffered a car accident that set the events and surgeries that have propelled this book into motion.

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How to Prepare and Recover from Spine Surgery

Doug Amend discusses his journey with preparing for and recovering from spine surgery on River City Live.