The Book for Doctors

“Your Spine Surgeon Needs Your Help”

Why would a spine surgeon need a patient’s help?

Surgeons get better outcomes when they have patients who are fully committed to getting well and who have made the effort to educate themselves and optimize for the challenge of surgery.

The Optimized Patient book provides the prep-op and post-op guidance that you and your staff do not have the time or resources to provide. With insights from a team of six spine patients, four surgeons, two physical therapists, a chiropractor and a nutritionist all dedicated to helping your patient prepare to be an Optimized Patient.

Dr. Christopher Hills in Jackson, WY contributed this insight that is foundational to the book:

“You could have an absolute perfectly done surgery, textbook, everyone’s high-fiving at the end of the case, “Boy, that couldn’t have gone better.” You could have an absolute surgical success and have an absolute clinical failure, and that could be for many reasons. Again, patient expectations. There’s a lot of psychosocial issues that come into this, a lot of factors that can give a clinical failure even though you had a surgical success. Having to bring all those together and have them align is critical, and I think that’s something we didn’t pay close enough attention to in the past when it comes to spine surgery and such. The horror stories are out there that we all have heard and read about.”


I want to live my life free of pain. Please show me how to optimize.