About The Author

“Too many patients forget—or choose to ignore—their role in achieving the pain-free life they are dreaming about. I am not a doctor or a medical practitioner of any kind. I am also not an athlete or particularly physically fit. I also don’t possess any special knowledge beyond what I experienced before, during, and after my surgeries.

Simply, I have the best possible training and most important credential necessary to write about the patient experience: I was a patient and I recovered.

Just like you, I am a person who faced the very serious challenges that are a part of spine surgery. But, I made a choice before I committed to surgery to not be just another patient. I made a commitment to be an optimized patient—and you can do it too.”

Harvey Warren has enjoyed many careers, from screenwriter to film producer to financial services professional. With a bachelor’s de­gree in communications from Ithaca College and a master’s degree from Syracuse Univer­sity, writing has always been his passion. As the Optimized Patient he fulfills his dream to write about healing. Mr. Warren lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Wileen.


I want to live my life free of pain. Please show me how to optimize.